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Established in 1995, Million Printing Co., Ltd. has grown to be one of the top specialized printers in China. With its plant in Foshan City, Million provides the one-stop service for a broad range of paper products and printing services.

Million has set up its goal to offer the multi-national and domestic companies with high quality, competitive price and value-added services, which has built up her credibility as one of the leading printing and packaging companies in China.

The company is equipped with modern advanced facilities from Germany to strengthen its competitive productivity and keep pace with automatic management system. As it's known to all, Heidelberg Brand machines to better control the printing, folding and binding processes; Meanwhile, Million is setting up the CTP direct plate-making system to better guarantee Pre-press and pressing processing management; And it focuses on innovation and creation to cope with increasing customer needs on product specification.

Million is one of the earliest companies to obtain the ISO9000 certificate in the printing field to keep up continuous innovation concept. At the mean while, million also established a set of comprehensive and professional internal management systems and operations by EPR system.
We are committed to offer health & safety working environment, knowledge and skills training for people.

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